And baby makes 4…

Hey Everyone,

We (Sean Adeline and I) come with some exciting news today! We are expecting baby number 2!
We are due November 3rd, although I doubt I’ll make it till then..
Do second babies ever come late? Adeline was a week early, and her date was bumped down twice…. So I’m not really a strong believer in due dates.. haha! Regardless, Fall 2017 we will have one more bundle to add to our crew!
So far this pregnancy has been hard.. really really hard.. I feel sooo guilty complaining because there are so many people out there who are struggling to conceive and would give everything just to have a healthy pregnancy. But as I am running to the bathroom for the 14th time in a day, Sean reassures me that its ok to whine a bit.

I will blog more about what I’ve been doing to overcome the nastiness of morning sickness (who the eff named it morning sickness btw?) another time….

So for now, I leave you with our little announcement photo and also my 11 week bump photo from last week!
(also, didn’t expect a bump to appear as quickly as it has the second time around! Yikes.. I am as big as I was at 16 weeks with Adeline!)

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter and has a great week!

xo Becs

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