Feature Friday #1

I decided every Friday until our Darling Details market I would feature 4 wonderful shops from the show! I am so excited to be bringing these amazing vendors to you! They have all happily played along and have sent some answers about their shops, what keeps them sane (or not!) and their business! And below the bios, I have linked where to find them!
So to start this Friday off  we have
Pebbles to Peak, Silas + the SLOTH, Kasual Kiddo Handmade and Jane + Lou!

Pebbles To Peak – Christina & Lynnette
What inspired you to start your buisness?
We came across a teething product online and thought it would be a fun hobby to do while on maternity leave. There was a huge interest in our teething products from friends, and from there we decided to create a business with it.
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance?
Haha, we don’t! We had a lot to learn at the beginning since neither of us have run a small business before, but after a couple of bumps along the way, we finally feel like we’re getting the hang of it. Of course, it’s still a lot of work, and the one thing that allows us to maintain somewhat of a balance is the support of our husbands.
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
Becoming a legitimately incorporated business…!
Who inspires you and keeps you going when times get tough?
The biggest source of inspiration for us is our family. Without our beautiful children, we would have never considered making teething products. Our husbands have also been a constant source of support and encouragement when times get stressful. Lastly, our positive working relationship allows us to work efficiently and respectively with one another. Christina has been an awesome partner, and she doesn’t like to take credit for it, but she is the heart and soul of this company; without her, Pebble to Peak wouldn’t exist!

Silas + THE SLOTH- Lindsay

what inspired you to start your buisness?
silas + THE SLOTH is a little homemade local company that was inspired by my little babe and my big babe (hubs). Long before Silas was even a thought I always had a very creative job. After having Silas I knew I wanted to still have something creative in my life. One afternoon I mentioned to Justin that I wish I could design tops for Silas on my own and he told me I can. His mom and step dad use to own a tshirt shop and they had commercial equipment. After designing a few tees my MIL told me I need to sell them so she gave me the nudge to start silas + THE SLOTH. She taught me how to bring my files from illustrator into my vinyl cutter software, how to cut and weed the vinyl and she does the heat pressing which I hope to learn this summer 🙂
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance?
Nap times are essential and being able to ask for help. If I’m under water my husband helps me weed and my MIL helps me cut. They’ve got my back. I have a rule though (that sometimes needs to be broken) that I do work during naps and after dinner but at 7pm everything shuts down so I have the evenings with the sloth.
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
I did a wholesale order for a store in London Ontario called Prim & Pauper which is awesome but it’s pretty cool when my friends tell me they saw a little one at the park or wherever in one of my tops!
Who inspires you & keeps you going when times get tough?
My little customers keep me going. Getting tagged in an Instagram post and hearing that their little loves their new top pretty much makes my day. Plus Silas is a great motivator. I’d do anything for that little love bug and seeing him in clothes that I got to design as his mom is a pretty awesome feeling. The sloth is also extremely supportive plus he’s the clever one. Sometimes his suggestions are completely inappropriate but he makes me laugh!

Kasual Kiddo Handmade – Rebecca

What inspired you to start your business?
Hi! My name is Rebecca and I’m the mama behind Kasual Kiddo Handmade. Shortly after my son Blake was born I started making bandana bibs and it took off from there. You could say my love for sewing and my kiddo were the inspirations.
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance?
Idon’t. haha!  I’m either working too much or not enough!
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
The moment my husband and son came to see me at a market I was showcased at and not only could he not see my table, but couldn’t get to it through the crow surrounding it. It was the moment he realized Kasual Kiddo Handmade was an actual thing and was worth my time and effort.
Who inspires you & keeps you going when times get tough?
All my boss babe mamas in YYC! Just remember when you put your mind to something it can be done!

Jane + Lou- Maeg

What inspired you to start your business?
I’ve always love the challenge of creating something from scratch. Designing and making clothes for my self evolved into creating for my two girls. I have a passion for eco-friendly, organic materials and from these two loves and a very supportive family I’ve grown a business I’m very proud of!
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance?
A husband who listens to my needs and doesn’t quit fighting for me and a community of friends and fellow makers that offer incredible wisdom and support when it gets to be too much
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
I’m always very proud of every sale and every connection that I’ve made along the way. My products are all a labor of love and anytime I can share that with anyone, it feels really rewarding.
Who inspires you & keeps you going when times get tough?
My girls inspire me to keep moving forward and pursuing what I love. So much of mom-life is sacrifice and while our kids deserve all we’ve got it can leave us feeling drained and uninspired. Having this outlet has reignited my desire to be a mom and to be the best mom and I can be for my girls. I want them to know, especially as women that they can fight for that thing that means the world to them and to believe they deserve to be successful.
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Pebbles to Peak  silas + THE SLOTH
  Kasual Kiddo Handmade
Jane + Lou



Photo credits go to Cotton and Lace Photography.



Stay tuned next week to see 4 more wonderful shops!! Have a GREAT weekend!

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