Feature Friday #2

Welcome back for round 2 of our vendor features!
This week we’ve got Gypsy Made Lemonade, Baby Leaf Covers, Sweet Dreamers by Danielle and The Stitched Arrow!!
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Gypsy Made Lemonade- Angele & Avery

What inspired you to start your business?
We are always looking for something different. A way to exist in the world that brought creativity, inspiration and joy. Mixed with our love for travel and exploration and unique opportunities and adventure… always adventure. All that came crashing together and an idea was born! A whimsical, flavorful, delicious idea – – – all wrapped up in a cute, vintage trailer.
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance?
The whole family is involved in this adventure so we get to spend a lot of time together during the summer months!
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
I’m just proud of the business itself! We had an idea and were able to see it through!
Who inspires you and keeps you going  when times get tough?
My family, my children. I want to show them that they can do it! If they have an idea….with some work and ups and downs, they can make it happen!

Baby Leaf Cover – Diana

What inspired you to start your business?
Baby Leaf Covers was an idea that came to me after my second baby was born because I wasn’t satisfied with the existing car seat cover I had since it was really heavy, just another thing to carry around and would always fall off with the wind. I also didn’t feel comfortable using the typical nursing style aprons that covered me only from the front. With 2 babies and so many things to carry, I decided to design a product that could be versatile, functional and look great too!
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance?
That’s a difficult question to answer because quite honestly, being a young entrepreneur and stay at home mom is hard! It is really rewarding but you really do have to wear a lot of different hats in the beginning. I love spending time with my two babies and going outside for walks together (and leaving my phone at home during that time).
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
I designed the product myself after my daughter was about 1 month old. Looking back, I wonder how I even sat next to a sewing machine because I was so sleep deprived. I just had a crazy idea and I needed to get it out. Baby Leaf Covers is unique, there isn’t a cover out there with a double zipper at the front that can also be worn as a nursing poncho. I’m proud of designing something new and just going for it, even though life is so busy with small kids.
Who inspires you & keeps you going when times get tough?
My parents immigrated from Poland in the 80s and they didn’t speak a word of English when they arrived. They worked so hard to be where they are now and nobody ever gave them anything! I admire when people are able to get somewhere just from their drive and determination. When I’m at home though, my husband and 2 kids are my best reminders of what is truly important in life.

Sweet Dreamers by Danielle – Danielle

 What inspired you to start your business?
I wanted decorative dream catchers for each of my 3 boys and figured I would try my hand at it instead of ordering online
How do you maintain a successful work life balance?
I do all my work when my kids are napping, at school , or when everyone is in bed. A lot of late nights. I don’t know if it’s the perfect balance but I seem to be doing okay so far. Haha
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
My proudest business accomplishment was when I had almost sold out of dreamers at my first big market this past Christmas!
Who inspires you and keeps you going when times get tough?
My husband and 3 boys keep me going! Knowing that as a stay at home mom I can bring in extra income and buy my husband a present without using money from our joint account, makes me feel amazing!

The Stitched Arrow- Rebecca

What inspired you to start your business?
My inspiration stemmed from a slight obsession with all things baby! Even before I had my son, I fell in love with the handmade baby clothing and accessories world. I’ve always loved baby leggings and the fabrics used. Although I enjoy making everything, taking the time to source out my fabrics is a passion on its own! I liked making comfy and trendy clothes for my son and wanted to share my passion, which is why I started a business.
How do you maintain a successful work-life balance? Caffeine! Lots of caffeine! Currently, I am balancing my life between working part-time in the financial industry, as well as being a stay-at-home mom and running my business. My husband is in the Oil & Gas Industry working out of town, so most of the time it’s just my little guy and I. I have an extremely supportive family though and they are always helping out where they can!
What is your proudest business accomplishment?
I started this little business of mine in January 2017 – so everything is still so fresh! Pushing myself to get my business up and running was an accomplishment in itself! Also, having Rebecca from the Sonder Circle, reach out to me to become a Vendor at her market was a pretty proud moment!
Who inspires you & keeps you going when times get tough?
Family, of course! I do have to give my husband, Brian some credit here. He is so incredibly supportive and always wants to help. Whether it be taking our son out of the house so I can get some much needed sewing time in or offering to wear my leggings at a market to promote The Stitched Arrow (he’s a silly kid that one) – he’s always there to help!

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gypsy made lemonade

Baby Leaf Covers

Sweet Dreamers by Danielle

The Stitched Arrow

Photo credit: Cotton and Lace Photography

Happy Mother’s Day to all those mamas, mama’s to be, surrogate mamas, mamas struggling, aunts, grandmas, even those dads having to play that mama role. I hope you feel loved and blessed on Sunday. You deserve love and praise everyday, but here’s to you and your special day!!!


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