green ’17


I started the year off like most people, coming up with my new years resolutions. I typically make a list and by the end of the year have stuck with *maybe* one thing, if I’m lucky.
So this year I decided I would do something a little different.
Instead of choosing something like ‘work out everyday’ … I decided to name the year. After some thought, GREEN 2017 came to mind.
What does that even mean? Well in a nutshell, I want to be more green in my daily life. I am an avid recycler (thanks for that mom- I literally feel guilty throwing away a single sticky note.)… But my food choices and product choices have room for improvement.
SO step 1 of green 17, was taking out my daily (sometimes 2-3) hot chocolates. I don’t like coffee, it gives me weird shakes and heart palpitations.. So Hot Chocolate is my coffee. {Adeline even calls it ‘mommys coffee’.. don’t tell her}…  BUT in order to fill that void I felt, from not having my warm sugary preservative full beverage, I knew I had to replace it with something healthier. So SMOOTHIES happened. I started pinning and creating and realized some smoothies had crazy amounts of ingredients, some had chewy stuff in it, some had lumps… And after some serious trial and error, I came up with the best, {in my opinion} basic starter smoothie. You can add ANYTHING to it, and it tastes good {cause I guess some people like chewy..} not to mention it is full of healthy.

So here is my “starter smoothie” I used to kick off my Green 2017.

For a single:
1/2 frozen banana
a handful of sliced frozen strawberries {I have an old blender, if you have a hip new one I’m sure unsliced frozen would be fine haha}
1/2-3/4 C almond milk {personally, I like the vanilla.. I know its sweetened and less healthy, but I’m working on it.}
1/4 C vanilla yogurt, { I don’t usually measure this one- just a big scoop that goes “plop” is plenty}
and a handful of baby spinach.

There is your Starter smoothie. This smoothie will go a sort of brown/green color.. It looks incredibly unappetizing. But I promise its not. My 2 year old happily drinks hers every day and I give myself a secret high five that shes getting veggies in her diet and doesn’t even know it.

And substitutions are your oyster. Trade the strawberries for anything. Peaches, Oranges (I gave this one a shot and almost died from the pulp. I now use those little cups of peeled mandrain- for a ‘creamcicle’ taste!)
You can also add protein powder- I personally like the Vega stuff, due to my gluten-dairy-protein sensitivities- this is the only one I can have that doesn’t make me feel like I’m dying. But I can only use half the scoop.
After drinking smoothies for 2 months, I have dropped 5lbs, which must have been sugar lbs! It’s no quick weight loss scheme, but I do feel a lot better not ingesting that warm sugar every day!

What are you favorite smoothie flavors?

Happy Blending!

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