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So I thought I would give you a little back story on my first pregnancy/ birth / time as an exclusive pumper and why I wanted to start The Sonder Circle!

Carob Photography – maternity photos

I am mama to one little bird, Adeline. My pregnancy with her wasn’t rosebuds and rainbows… But it could have been worse. I was hospitalized twice for kidney stones, around the 28-29 week mark. It was excruciating but I luckily passed everything. I had calcium kidney stones which could have been sitting in there for years or could have developed along side my pregnancy. (Something the drs can’t tell!). But besides the normal pregnancy symptoms, (all day ‘morning’ sickness, discomfort, leg/ hand cramps) I had a healthy pregnancy. We hit the 39 week mark and my water broke in the wee hours of the morning, 18 hours later I was induced (I tried HARD to get natural contractions to start.. I even cut the lawn!). I labored for 5 hours, getting an epidural around the 3-4 hour mark, which only took on one side. (I had no idea that could happen and now after the fact have heard it can happen lots…) And then being incredibly numb on one side and in pain on the other, I pushed for 3 hours.  At 4:41am on July 6, 2014 out came my little Adeline Elizabeth. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long! She immediately latched and cluster fed our entire first night. (I didn’t sleep for a solid 48+ hours.) We were released the following morning and went home to enjoy our new little bundle.

Photography by Sherri – newborn photos

For the most part things went smooth, besides having very sore boobs (yipe nursing wounds hurt!)!
When we hit day #4 my milk came in. The turning point of my journey in motherhood. I will never forget it. July 10. Adeline quit nursing. After and excruciating night of being engorged and feeling like I was starving my child I pumped. Everyone said not to, everything I read said not too. But I NEEDED to. The following few days I tried EVERYTHING to nurse again, I met with specialists; I had coaches teach me different positions. But nothing worked. This kid did NOT want to nurse. So I decided I would do my own thing. I did a bit of googling on what exclusive pumping was, what it took and really came up empty handed. There were a few mothers in the states who pumped at the 3 month mark because they had to go back to work, but nothing about choosing this lifestyle. So I got Sean to go out and get a double pump (using a single pump 8 times a day, 30 mins a side is exhausting!) and I said ‘this is what im going to do.’ (My dr said I was crazy, but supported me in what ever way I needed)
I ended up exclusively pumping for 15 months and donating just under 4L of milk to the local milk bank. While it took a lot of work and energy it is something I will never regret. SO, this is truly where The Sonder Circle comes into play. It is my reach to other moms going through what I did. If I can even help one person from my story, I will have done what I set out to do. Yes, it will have a lot of other things, like my DIY’s and markets… But I want to dedicate a post a month to my journey thorough exclusive pumping, letting my natural instincts take charge and hopefully helping other moms who are going through similar situations.

xo Becs

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